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"Honoring Llife's Struggles, Celebrating Life's Joys"


A Charmed Heart © Bracelet... Our hand cast sterling silver heart charm is made whole with gold plate detailing on both sides . You can choose either a sterling or gold plated bracelet.


Founded by grateful patient parents, Maria and Michael Platis, “A Charmed Heart” was created to honor the memory of their son, George aka “Georgie.” Inspired by a Japanese art form called Kintsugi, the charm is a silver heart held together with gold, making it stronger and more beautiful than it was in its broken state. Maria and Michael hope to spread comfort to those also experiencing heartbreak, an inevitable emotion we feel in our lifetimes, or if you are like Georgie, you may be born with a “broken heart” that requires a team of cardiologists & nurses to mend it back together. This story of this charm began with Georgie’s best childhood friend sharing the last text she ever received from him: “I’ve lived a charmed life.”


Net Proceeds from all sales will be donated to Rady Children's Heart Institute San Diego, CA in Memory of our son George. 

A Charmed Heart © Bracelet

  • Ships to you in 7 to 10 days.

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